Purchasers take two seconds to make

Purchasers take two seconds to make mind up about online property advertisements claim

A one branch firm asserts it takes potential buyers roughly two seconds to decide whether to click an online property advert.

Redmove, based in York, has therefore taken what it calls an 'unusual step' by utilizing an in-house photographer to increase the number of potential purchasers who click through to its adverts.

Julia Cornish will now take care of photography and home presentation responsibilities for the firm.

Previously Redmove had actually been using a variety of freelance photographers which it says was proving both costly and irregular in regards to quality.

Since positioning more of a focus on imagery to help market its properties, the agency says it has discovered an increase in online visitors and that they are viewing more properties.

Property buyers comprise their mind within about two seconds whether they will click onto a property or not therefore we needed to make these two seconds count, states Michael Redmond, Redmove's director.

" We are a nation that likes to look at lovely houses and for most people, the first point of contact with property is now through the web. It’s not about fooling home buyers into believing the home is much better than it actually is, it’s about displaying a property in the very best possible light," he says.

Cornish includes: "Everyone wants to have a nosey into other people s houses for sale, even if they are not purchasing and so it’s crucial that it looks right."